The Greatest Song of all Time

by Silent Bob


The June the music died:

In August 1966, the Beatles quit touring and never go on the road again. None of the songs from Revolver ever gets played live. The British (live) Invasion is passed on to the Who and Pete’s guitar smashing antics. Brian Wilson loses it and spends most of the same year trying to record Good Vibrations. Everybody in the music industry decides it’s time to take a shitload of drugs all winter long and create a monster: The Summer of Love.

On June 1, in an attempt to top Pet Sounds, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, gets released and irreversibly fucks up the R’n’R timeline… forever. From this point on everybody’s in the studio infecting rock with it’s first (there’s only one way to describe it really) bliblikia. Artists and producers spend days and months playing with EQ’s (IQ’s reduced to eggplant status©), while all they can probably say to each other is “That’s beautiful man”. By November Rolling Stone Magazine publishes it’s first copy in San Fransisco, making the sell-out complete.

On December 11, 2003 Rolling Stone publishes The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. They polled (and I quote), “a blue-ribbon body of rock & roll stars and authorities and asked them to pick their top 50 albums, in order of preference”. Some include: Beck, Manzarek & Densmore, Flea & Frusciante, David Geffen, Cameron Crowe, Tommy Marky & Johnny Ramone, Rodney Bingenheimer, Albert Hammond Jr., Stephen Malkmus, Hetfield & Ulrich, John Sebastian, Moby, Michelle Phillips, Rick Rubin, and of course Yoko and Britney for good measure:-) And yeah, you guessed it by now:

#1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles.

The mag liked the idea and on December 9, 2004 publish The 500 Greatest Songs of all Time. This one is harder to guess:

#1 «Like a Rolling Stone» by Bob Dylan

I guess it’s as good a song as any for #1. But by Dylan? Granted the dude was a genius but since when did he write a song that somebody else couldn’t do a better job at performing? Wasn’t Subterranean Homesick Blues the only song he ever nailed?

Back to The Summer of Love it is then, and the best festival ever held:

The Monterey Pop Festival June 16 to 18, 1967.

The eagle has landed.

Jimi’s back with his new band and no US LP release yet!

Tonight Bill Hicks’ idol is born.

Now for the drama. As if Jimi didn’t have enough motivation already, Towsend pulls a stunt that backfired in retrospect. Hendrix thinks he’s going first but Pete is trying to explain to him there’s no way they are going AFTER Jimi. Now Towsend is scared of being upstaged and Jimi is pissed off because he thinks Pete’s lying and just wants to be the first to bust a guitar on an American stage. Jimmy loses his temper and jumps up on a chair showing off with his guitar, “If you go on first, I’m gonna pull out all stops!”. Well thank fuck for that.

Everybody there seems to be on a diet of LSD-tabs and Bubble-gum. But drugs are still new and fun and everybody is shy and excited, unwilling to make asses of themselves by flaunting just how wasted they really are. Premeditated organized chaos follows as The Who and later Jimi go on stage. Keith kicks around a drum set full of Johnson’s Baby Powder, Pete smashes up his guitar and Jimi sets his on fire while playing Wild Thing.

Tomorrow Purple Haze comes out on 7”.


I’ll let someone else do a piece on Mitch Mitchell…

But Wild Thing ain’t the best song of he set.
“I’d like to bore you for about 6 or 7 minutes and do this little thing by Bob Dylan called Like a Rolling Stone”.

Could this be the best song ever recorded?



  1. Chris66

    Poses fores exei graftei oti to kalytero rock n roll song,ever, einai to Like a Rolling Stone den kserw.
    Kai den diafwnw.

    Alla ekei pou symfwnw einai oti to Subterranean Homesick Blues einai ONTWS to kalytero rock n roll kommati pou ekane o Dylan.Ever.
    Mallon,oxi ,giati an to akouseis kala prokeitai gia to prwto PUNK kommati pou kserw opws ennooume to punk meta th Banana.

    Btw,edw epanw,kathe 6 mhnes h TV h ta music mags,kanoun polls gia to best ever rock album h akoma kai british rock album….ta apotelesmata einai panta idia,oi Beatles prwtoi h deyteroi an den einai prwtoi oi deyteroi kati alloi pou evgalan to Definetely Maybe h to OK Computer (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Don’t please don’t buy music mags!
    Pragmatika….den yparxei KANENAS logos na plhrwneis gia diafhmistika fylladia.
    Oute kan to Pitchfolk on the net!

    Best rock n roll song?
    One best rock n roll song?
    Captain,fere mou to tonebender…..


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