Worlds fastest Indian


Burt on his Indian at the Bonneville salt flats  

A few things that can touch a mans soul and gain their respect:

An unexpected sporting victory, underdogs fighting favorites. The end of the career of  great players (Zidans, Toursounidis last games). Annabels Chong amazing record. A nicely roasted lamb and the roaster. A fiery political speech in some Latin language. A successful stage dive. Australian rugby (Aussie rules). Lumberjacks World championship (it rocks, really – eurosport) . Worlds strongest man competition (eurosport). Sampson. Burt Munro.

He is the worlds fastest Indian. One of the best movies I have seen recently. It tells the true story of 68 yo New Zealander Burt Monro (played by Anthony Hopkins), that broke the land speed record for a production motorcycle under 1000cc with his home modified 1920 Indian scout. It happened in the notorious Bonneville salt Flats in 1967.It was not easy for him. He wasnt rich. he was absolutely the most possitive and coolest grandpa . Birds-milfs, bikes and optimism. And a well respected man. I wana be just like him when I grow old.

The film inspired me. I am no longer afraid to follow my big dream. Ride a 1967 Ural-Dnepr K650, that i will soon buy,  from Farsala to Vladivostok with only 3 pears of underwear..

Watch the film. The exact opposite of a chickflick.


PS. The record is now broken by a guy from Volos named Tsedas. He drove from Volos to Almuros in 3 minutes 39 seconds, on his heavily modified honda c50 cub (known as papi). He reached a maximum speed of 286 kph. He is rhe worlds fastest indian..



  1. rockavlon

    Oxi… to problima einai sto klapeto. H mpiela arpazei molis arxisei na xtupaei pirakia epidi o strofalokulindros einai ektos perioxis anaflexis otan oi tsimouxes akoumpane stis petaloudes upodoxis… Gi auto i lusi einai na odoigeis mono me tria brakia. H enalaktika me dipli kaltsa xwris papoutsia..

    Hot rod it is. Alla h tainia legetai the worlds fastest indian…


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